Our Company

Sloane Square NYC has been a preeminent residential real estate firm since 1996 with almost 2 billion dollars of transactions. Our clients are discerning buyers and sellers who value personal service: professional aptitude and intimate knowledge of the current market for co-ops: condominiums and townhouses in Manhattan's premier neighborhoods. We are proud that families and individuals who we represent in a transaction invariably refer friends and colleagues to our firm. 

We work in much the same traditions of a trusted private banker or advisor who understands a client's needs and wishes in buying or selling a home. We operate with complete discretion ensuring that once a transaction is agreed: the often stressful process of gaining Board approval and closing is handled with sensitivity and intelligence.

Sloane Square brokers live and work in the same neighborhoods as our clients: often enabling us to present opportunities before they become generally available. At the same time, we offer all of the advantages of the largest residential brokerage firms full database access to every Manhattan home or apartment available for purchase: state of the art marketing capabilities and sophisticated financial analysis of comparable sales. 

Our brokers appreciate that those we serve expect complete trust and confidence in their financial affairs. They do not comment on transactions in the press: do not publicize completed deals or seek publicity about themselves or clients.



Bios of our knowledgeable and dedicated real estate professionals follow. In hiring brokers, we look for something different. We require that all our brokers work hard: generally full-time: and maintain a comprehensive individual knowledge of buildings and neighborhoods. They go to open houses continually to have a pulse on the market at all times. They are discrete: and appreciate that our clients are not interested in appearing in the real estate sections of publications. They do not comment on real estate transactions: do not publicize deals and do not themselves seek publicity about themselves or their clients. 

We are proud of the fact that our largest deals remain unknown and our clients have been shown the largest transactions in New York in complete discretion. Our brokers work together to get the best deal done for our clients.



The notion that you need a large firm to ensure maximum exposure to your property is simply not true. The plain fact is that all firms co-broke listings today on a continuous basis through the Real Estate Board of New York and Sloane Square does it no differently than every other firm. 

We offer immediate national and international exposure on the internet; sponsor weekly open houses when allowed and offer immediate notice to every other major New York Real Estate Firm about the availability of your property through our broad based co-broking network. 

In addition we send E-mail blasts out several times a week to thousands of Brokers and Clients and add our Exclusive Listings to all relevant Real Estate websites.

We also offer much more than that. We custom tailor a sales program that will ensure that your property is shown to prospective buyers who have the means and sincere interest in purchasing it within the range of your asking price. Sellers who seek personal service: attention: intelligence: commitment and energy from their brokers will never be disappointed with Sloane Square. In addition: one of our main goals will be to realize the largest possible sales price for our sellers.



In this highly competitive business the fact that virtually all our clients are repeat buyers or are personal recommendations and referrals from other buyers is the truest testament to our skills in negotiating and closing transactions. We have represented some of the highest profile buyers from the business and cultural fields who do not have the time to see properties that do not meet their needs and who want to do so without the glare of publicity that is all too common in real estate deals today. 

Our databases and personal contacts in every major firm allow us to search for and show only those properties which you: the buyer: have expressed interest in seeing. Your finances are yours alone: and while we are experts at pre-clearing prospective buyers with co-op Boards: we are perfectly comfortable doing so without any need to violate your privacy. Financial information may be sealed and detailed knowledge of its contents is something we believe can be discretely obtained and maintained while doing our job as a broker in an effective manner.